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Forums > Meet Others > Are there any Poi groups in Birmingham Uk that are still happening?

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BRONZE Member since Jul 2008

Location: , United Kingdom

Total posts: 6
Posted:I'm very new to poi! I want to find a poi group in Birmingham with people to teach me new things? Is anyone out there?

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Location: Birmingham, UK

Total posts: 162
Posted:There's me and all the people in this thread smile


SILVER Member since Mar 2008

Location: , United Kingdom

Total posts: 10
Posted:hey there...so i'm in the same boat as you i took up poi a few months ago i can do some basic movies, i was just in the park today having a go again after a bit of a break but would love to find people who can show me a few moves smile




Total posts: 2
Posted:Do people still meet up in Selly Park on Sundays?
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