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Posted:I need to get rid of our current van. Its old, knackered and drinking petrol ( 20 a day or so ubbcrying ).

I commute about 100 miles round trip everyday, so I get through my fair share of fuel. Thus a car would make more sence.
However, we need a van or equipment carrying ability as we need to transport hoops to sell, as well as all the camping equipment.

I can't decide if I want to buy a car (Ford Focus I reckon) and hire a van when we go away (160ish for 4 days frown ) or if I should just buy a van and commute in that (the position I have is only a temp one at the moment set due end in about 2 months unless they decide to extend).

If its a van, I want a High top Ford transit like this
or this:

There is a Ford Focus down the road from us, but I don't know how much it will be for insurance. Its the same with the other vans and vehicles though frown

I don't know what I want because I don't know how much the insurance will be, but I don't know how much the insurance will be because I don't know what I want.

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Posted: Written by

There are two basic designs of diesel pump, Bosch, and Lucas.
The Bosch type is fine with veg oil, but the Lucas type doesn't like it

Nuh-uh. The other half was a Bosch diesel fuel injection specialist for 14 years. He's seen many a fuel pump buggered by veg oil, not to mention engine seals. A power unit is designed to burn a single fuel; diesel, anything else is going to destory its innards.

You can get multi-fuel engines, the army fit them to many of its vehicles and we had an ex-military land rover that could cope with just about anything, but you had to adjust the air mix and the timing for each specific fuel. The bloke who is running a veg oil car has been lucky, but when a diesel goes wrong, it does it spectacuarly and expensively, and it's going to happen to him.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.


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