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Posted:Hey everyone,

I have been studying in Preston at University and have just come home to Darwen for the Summer... I was trying to find out if there were any spinners in the Blackburn area, so that now I'm back home I don't just have to practice in my back garden on my own all the time.

Let me know guys

Kex x


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Posted:Hey there, not too sure if there's much action around blackburn/darwen, but there's always the manchester meets and occasionally liverpool meets which are easily accessible by train or car.
Or there are the full moon meets in preston, i believe they're on avenham park every full moon, but don't quote me on that as i've never been to one.

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Posted:i lived in preton untill recently and other than the occasional full moon party there isnt much going on in that neck of the woods there are spinners in todmordon and hebden bridge area i dont know if theres any one from this site from there though, malagaya's in preston is your best place to find out about full moon spins. You'r more than welcome to come to our meets in ainsdale (nr southport and liverpool) public transport is quite good, we normally meet at the station in ainsdale anyway. PM me if you need any more info about any meets

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Posted:I know of 1 girl from here who lives in Todmorden with ehr fella, but neither get online much.
Then there is always brit_joe who lives near Blackburn somewhere, but he tends to be quite a poor showing from time to time.
And as has already been pointed out, there are meets in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Southport(ish).

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