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Posted:Hi, I'm from England and am hopefully moving to Berlin at the end of the summer. I have been to the Play Festival for the last 3 years, so know basic poi and staff moves. I was wondering if there are any gatherings in Berlin, as I think it would be a good way of meeting new people when I am there.
I've never been to Germany, but know a bit of German, and I'll need some people who are fun and can show me around etc
Any info would be appreciated smile:)

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there are plenty of spinners and jugglers there, and there are loads of regular meet up in berlin. smile

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Posted:I'm going to Berlin next week on a training course Monday - Friday. I think I have to socialise with course folk on the Monday but the rest of the evenings I should have to myself, anyone know if there are any meets I could attend? Is the Thursday night thing at jonglierkatakomben still going on?

Would be great to meet some German spinners while I'm there!



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