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I'm looking for some pointers on how to re-wick my Nesbitt fire diabolo properly. I've bought this a while ago, when I first started diabolo-ing and recently decided to change the old wick and pick it up again. The problem is I can't seem to get it right. Seeing as this is the place i found the most info on fire diabolos online, I decided to post smile So here goes..

Basically my problem is that the fire starts off really big, making the diabolo almost impossible to handle. After about a minute, it becomes manageable and burns nicely for 30-45 seconds. After that, I get about another minute of really low flame and thats it! Surely it's meant to last longer than 2 and a half minutes!!!! smile

As far as soaking the thing. I've tried:

soaking in paraffin for hours, burn, soak 30mins, burn

Soaking in paraffin for hours, burn, soak 5mins, burn

soak for 30mins, burn, soak for 30 mins,burn

soak for 30mins, burn,soak for 5 mins,burn

As it turns out (surprise) the longer i soak, the longer it lasts - but only gives like 10 second extra! Another surprising discovery is that if i spin it a bit before i light it, i get less of the uncontrollable big flame, but less total time too. So it's probably not because of the way I soak it...

So.. the wick! I bought lots of 65mm wide kevlar wick to play with. I tried folding it 4 times to get a 65x65mm square... same sh!t.. so i figured that i need more volume and less surface area - and i rolled the wick into a tight ball, about 20mm across.. for all the effort i get another 20 seconds of big, but controllable flame..

Help? please.. this is driving me crazy

Thanks very much


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I think, to some extent, that fire diabolos are similar to fire juggling balls, in that they don't work smile

Personally, I've never felt inclined to get into fire diabolo, even though I do a lot of diabolo (and 2 diabolo) stuff- partly cos of the safety issues of having a fast-spinning, hot, metal object whizzing around near my face, partly, cos, from what I've seen, they're not worth the bother.

I think that fire juggling clubs work well, fire poi/staff work well- all the other fire stuff 'works', but only just.

If I were you though, I'd post your question on the discussion boards- what those guys don't know about diabolo isn't worth knowing and I'm sure some of them have used fire diabolos.

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Just make yourself a bigger cathedral stack. And bolt on it on. Usually there is a lot of slack bolt left sitcking out anyway, you can use that. Or you could make yourself a monkey fist fire diablo, but securing it would be difficult.

BTW, 2:30MINS seems fine to me, i've had toys that burn for way less than that.

2 posts

Fair enough - perhaps I had too high expectations smile Thanks a lot though.

umm.. Rellizate - do you mind explaining to me what a cathedral stack is? :P .. and how do I use it..

again thanks a lot guys, much appreciated

RellizateRellizateGOLD Member
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Posted: it's on there. They show it with an eyebolt, but I ment use a normal bolt instead.

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