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  Posted: I dunno about the rest of you HOPpers (those of the local imibibing age, of course), but rum is my spirit of choice.... Just got a bottle of the very delicious Zaya Gran Reserva today. It was a lot spicier than I expected! Anybody try it? It's not a spiced rum, like Sailor Jerry or the Captain, but it has a definite fire to it. I'm sure it'll earn a permanent place on my shelf (hopefully the local shop continues to stock it, though I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for about half of their rum revenue myself)...

Anybody else a fan of the ol' killdevil?

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  Posted:I love rum and all of its goodness

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  Posted:I endorse this bump.

/ \

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  Posted:haha rum!!!! YAY!

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  Posted:Originally Posted By: MuckyWell the trick is that alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water (roughly 75 C as opposed to 100 C, if I recall), and the sugars and other delicious flavors won't completely evaporate at low temperature. That's how it's distilled in the first place. It helps to have a candy thermometer so you can monitor the temperature of the water. But since rum is roughly 50% alcohol, if you leave only the water it's thicker. Much of rum's flavor comes from the aging process in barrels (brandy and whiskey barrels are commonly used) so you retain that even after boiling off the alcohol.

I'm still working on proportions and other techniques, right now it's very haphazard, although I imagine if you built a still apparatus you could keep the alcohol to make your own high-proof brews or liqueurs if you want. I may do this in the future.

I haven't got enough for pancakes yet - my original idea was to add other flavors and make a homemade, nonalcoholic soda. But here's something I read a while ago that gave me a good chuckle:
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>

Your recipe, you use chocolate powder for milk? That has sugar in it, yes? Pure cocoa is really bitter.... Oh I think I'll be trying this very soon.

Ever have rum and gunpowder? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />
Such a very amazing link!



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