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Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:All the videos I could find from there (when) & thereabouts:

If you have any more videos or if you know anyone who do, post it here so I can update the list.

Thanks for those wonderfully awesome days, I'm so inspired! You've all inspired me beyond words.



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Posted:Good to meet you out there, brother. Thanks for posting this list!

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We'll blaze a new trail,
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Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:The pleasure was all mine. I had so much fun =) I'm definietly returning there for next Firedrums and also if there is any other nice event close to that.

I miss you all so much. I've been walking around in still grey and cold Sweden for days just yearning to return, even if it would not be the same to return right now.

It was incredible to meet you out there. Your a supersmooth spinner =)


Member Since: 23rd Sep 2006
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Posted:Hey Mireneye this list is awesome! thanks a ton! it was really awesome hanging out and geeking out with you the whole weekend, if you can make it you should try and come to wildfire to if you have the means biggrin (this is justin btw)


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Posted:LOL, yeah just fly over from Sweden for any old fire festival. It might actually just convince me to come out of my way to Wildfire. rolleyes

Had a great time hanging out with you BTW Peter hug

-Alien Jon

+Alien Jon


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Posted:I got 3 hours of footage down to 2... will post a bunch more stuffs when I'm done. smile

To do: More Firedrums 08 video?
Wildfire/US East coast fire footage
LA/EDC glow/fire footage
Fresno fire

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