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Posted:US HIV/AIDS immigration policy article

I found this interesting, sad, intriguing and thought provoking...and thought you might too.

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Posted: Written by :natasqi

This is the first I've heard of it, and I'm thinking that if I or anyone else was going to visit the US.. are there signs? Does it say on a customs form?

Does anyone ask you? because if not, and it's not policed, then I don't see the point of having it.

Completely pointless policy, if nobody is getting tested upon entry... What they CAN do, though is to make a test mandatory before granting a visa.

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I was booked for a show in Oman recently and it is true that as an Indian national you would have to provide a recent HIV test along with your application. But not as a European citizen...

Friends of mine travelled to the US recently, didn't hear of any tests that had to be included... Will have to verify.

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Posted:Is letting in the rich and shutting out the poor worse than letting in the healthy and shutting out the sick? Especially if that policy is based on "will they cost the state money" - surely it'd be better to have someone who can pay lots of taxes and their own insurance... and yeah, you can force people to be insured, happens in a lot of countries for running a car, happens when people want to study in the US, etc (my MALE friend even had to bring proof that he'd be insured if he got pregnant. No kidding.)

Generally, the same countries want people to immigrate who are highly qualified and therefore not exactly poor. So it would be much easier for them to increase their financial (or insurance) status or pay for their own medication than it would be to get rid of their poor hearing/eyesight/etc, and "if you don't fit the health requirements we'll still let you in if you prove you're not a risk" might work well.

Anyway. Do NZ test for Hepatitis etc?

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Posted:"Do NZ test for Hepatitis etc? "
Well, above it says that they don't allow residency for those with hepatitis so I'm guessing they test for it.

I would really like to know about it.. like, do they do physical exams then only specific blood tests for some? or do they o full blood count, liver function tests etc for everyone??

I'm really not sure.

And I haven't 100% decided on the sick v poor thing. In terms of a country, I guess the worst thing is infectious, because that affects their current population. Then sick vs poor may be comparable, though sick AND poor people would come first...

I don't know... I'm guessing most people move to improve their situation, and not to improve and contribute to the new country.

And with forcing insurance.. thats forcing everyone with a car... or everyone who goes to uni. Not a specific subset of the population...
Especially since people in Australia kinda already pay for health via taxes... so if they had to but Health insurance then they wouldn't pay Medicare fees I guess....


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