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Hi poiple,

Third Teaser: "Work In Progress"

GeekBlog - 11/07/2009

Hey again,

ok it's time to come clear concerning the documentary. I am, to say the least, quite ashamed to have made so many promises that I was not able to keep. I deeply apologize for that.

My mind has been busy a lot. I had huge problems approaching the pile of footage that accumulated and I would like to blame this mental block on my own expectations, worries of what you may think and my laziness. There have been a few projects that I considered a lot 'easier' such as the Berlin Spinning video or the KidPoi DVD that we are currently doing. The latter is a coproduction of Alan Blim from the Jonglierkatakomben, LOOOOP (that Berlin partnerpoi crew) and me. Editing is complete, we are currently recording voice overs, the music and it's gonna be worth watching I suppose.

Anyways I think I exaggerated the whole "promo" and "teaser" thing quite a bit and again I apologize for that. I have now found a way to tell the story that I would really like to tell and it's not going to be a documentary like you would see it on telly, meaning 40 minutes straight about something. I decided to not even try to make any money on this but to release episodes, meaning 5 to 10 minutes clips on youtube free for all. This takes away a lot of the pressure that kept me from sorting things out for so long. After all Poi is my passion and most beloved hobby and I don't want to make it something 'pro' in the sense of having to earn money with it.

Enough of me babbling around, I will announce the release date for the first episode now: January the 10th. Please do me a favor and kick my ass from time to time if you really want to see this stuff. Procrastination sucks.

Kudos again to all of you who have helped me so much during the creation of this project!!!


Oh and by the way if you feel like slapping me now don't bother, Thomas has done that for you a long time ago wink

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No matter how you choose to share the video material from the world of poi that you have experienced the result is most likely going to be a fresh breath of air for us and I do look forward to it...

Nice pic wink

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