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Posted:i received a pair of green led poi..and after putting them together and playing i realised that one somethimes when i hit it loses conctact and stops glowing for i few seconds,or until i hit it..is there somethig i misted or shuld do to fix it,or its just not working right

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Posted:I had one of mine do that and I found out it was a loose connection in the battery area and had to make really sure to screw it in hard core.

I've also had to resolder a connection on the light system itself, but this was for one of the ones where the lights weren't built in.

I've also found that with time, use and abuse they get worse with the flickering on and off. Unfortunately this is symptomatic of every set I've ever had, no matter the make or "brand".

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Posted:What poi are they?

HOP beaming poi?


Posted:HOP's LED POI set with nylon cords


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Posted:I know this thread is older now, but having ordered some led poi and playing around with them, I have some information to help this thread. The problem with them clicking on and off sometimes is due to the spring, on the piece you take off to put the batteries in.

If the spring is bent out of shape, in any direction, it can make contact with the sidewall and short the connection (look closely at the top of the sidewall and you will see what i mean)

When you set the little lid down to put the batteries in, you may bend the spring a little bit (its a tiny spring, has to be so take care) just make sure it's bent back to the right shape before you screw it back together, and you should have no further problems.

as a note - these things are so awesome. They said these things are designed to be durable, but I had to test it.

I took my green one, and threw it at the ground. all good. So then I wailed it into my stone fireplace as hard as I could, never blinked at all. So then I threw it on the ground, ran after it and jumped on it - hah! nothing changed, thing works like a dream.

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Posted:I've had the same problem over and over with my LED balls in that the screw gets jammed in too tightly or is at slightly the wrong angle and gets stuck with the poi either unable to switch on or unable to switch off. It can be fixed with a pair of pliers to open the battery bit back up but eventually the plastic knobbly bit breaks off. I've now resorted to balls with a switch in them but was wondering, does anyone else have this problem?

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