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Dear colleagues,

Pair of days back, an accident happened in Peter, a girl from Fire Team "VASANA" got burn-shock and burns of 40 to 45 % of her body

(she came forward on stilts, and brushed against a bottom suits by triple-poi, a suit burned up as a result)

Now she is in a reanimation in the as heavy as lead state. That to rescue her life, she must do numerous operations on transplantation of skin.

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Here news with VIDEOS about happening:

or here:

or here:

or here:

Who does not have knowledge of Russian, here translation:


23-year-old girl injured during the fire-show at the opening of the second International Olympiad "Vostok-Zapad" ("East-West").

According to preliminary data provided by the Journalist Investigation Agency (AZHUR), the girl was spinning triple-poi and her clothes caught fire.

According to the medical press-centre, the girl got burn-shock and burns of 40 to 45 % of her body. In grave condition she was brought to the Scientific Research

Institute of acute medical care and placed in after-burn reanimation ward.

The girl is in desperate and urgent need of donor blood - at the present treatment stage she needs 1 litre of blood plasma per day. Any blood group will do.

For detailed information - contact Stepan Martov: 89119062233 и 89522039939 or


[*edit by Malcolm]As per site rules asking for money is not allowed on this site. Please contact direct if you wish to help.[/edit]

It not drawing, it is a true... frown

with all questions:

ICQ: 343-728-546


Sorry my English.


Sergey Nevzorov (People relation and IT department manager of "EAST FIRE FESTIVAL 2008" )

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can we donate blood from other countries? i dont have much money, but ive got heaps of blood..


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Is there any new info of the types of burns she received? I prey that they are mostly second degree or "full thickness" burns and not 3rd or "Deep full thickness. Each leg is 18% of an adult body and it looks like the legs were the most affected. My burn was from long exposure to heat which made for a 3rd degree burn. I currently have a good sized second degree on my arm form a show on saturday. In comparison the second degree burn is painfull but it will heal fast without much scarring. They can manage pain in the hospital I just hope she recovers fast without lasting effects. I really hope she comes back to fire with a great story to share.

Best wishes

Cody Canon
Controlled Burn, Reno Nevada

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 Written by

Alexander Tsaregorodtsev, Gelios Fire Theatre Director sais. Of course, we try to minimize it. But this is what work with fire is! When someone is performin with snakes a slight touch on the costume is enough for the combustible to get into the fabric. If the costume is not made of leather, the clothes become a burning wick.

censored censored censored

This kind of ignorance coming from someone calling himself a fire theatre director makes me both upset and angry.

Any professional fire troupe MUST take adequate safety precautions with their costume and set, the same as any other theatre company. This means treating costumes with a product such as flamebar (who make loads of different products for different materials) or firecheck. Once material is treated with the appropriate product it will not catch fire period. You can hold a blow-torch to it for a prolonged period and it will not catch (we tested their claims... and they are indeed true).

My thoughts go out to the poor girl, her family and friends... However by the sounds and looks of things, had proper safety precautions been followed this kind of incident would not - indeed cannot - happen frown

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