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last update
12 oct , 2011 excl

I up lode compilation of my manipulation poi tricks!
please enjoy welcome

this is my HP
there are another videos.

12 oct , 2011

hello. i'm KiM from Japan.
this is my first LED poi Video for HOP.

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That was beautiful KiM! I really, really, really love your style man. You move very well with the poi. But I especially liked your transitions, some really awesome stuff there.


Omae wa tsugoi!

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That was way cool. I normally find poi boring but i watched it the whole way thru and loved it. Those flowers are perfect and your flow is unbelievable. Keep it up. smile


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Wicked stuff biggrin

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thanx for watching. laugh3

please watch me my new video!!

(Jan 1 , 2009)

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kim, oh my god!
happy new year first of all!

gosh, let me just say that it is spinners like you that can truly make me jealous at times. this performance was just fu-cking incredible and I mean it!

it is soo good and interesting to see all these new talents out there, it is people like you that inspire me and show what is still possible. I would be honoured to see a few more videos from you in the next years and I wish you all the best for your practising which you obviously do a lot of (because it is a great thing - we all know that, don't we? grin )

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really, really nice smile
gonna be learning lots from your new one i think smile

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This is compilation of my poi tricks .

12 oct ,2011
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