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Posted:I'm a newbie, very serious about wanting to master the art of poi. I don't see it as one of those things that should be self-taught (plus my apartment is not conducive to spinning my practice poi w/o taking out everything in the place, so videos are a no-go). Can anyone give me some guidance on where to go to learn? I checked out the threads for NYC before posting this, but most were pretty old.

Any info at all would be appreciated. Thanks!!!! weavesmiley

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Posted:I don't know people in NYC yet but I know alot in philly and a few in north jersey. I have been spinning for just over a year but have not mastered the art but I have everything to spin fire and I will teach you everything I know.


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Posted:there're bunches of people that spin in NYC, but most of them are on Tribe. linky

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