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Posted:sorry if i seem ignorant,
but all the banter back and forth has still left me unsure
(which i hate;-)
-when im ready to stop using my staff, what do i dunk it in to put it out? it would seem i dunk straight into the fuel (not water?) is this correct???
i will be using kerosene, and naturally my staff having 2 ends i'll need to do one at a time...
is it just a quick dunk that is needed?

thankyou to anyone who can just give me a straight answer to these 2 things... much appreciated

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It'll either go out whilst you're spinning it, or smother it in a damp towel.

Don't dunk it back in the fuel, and don't dunk it in water.
Fuel would work, but can go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong.
Water will work, but will ruin your wicks.

Oh, please do a search before posting new questions, and check out the large amounts of fire-safety articles here - there's YEARS of knowledge stored in this website smile

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i did search tho.. many times
but everyone went off on weird tangents and started arguing.. im not a total loss lol
again thanks
perfect answer...
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Posted:People going off on tangents? You know this is HoP right? That doesn't happen here. With kero it should be pretty ok to dunk into the fuel...but as durbs said, can go HORRIBLY wrong. You can save the integrity of yer wick by smothering with a damp towel rather then spinning the wicks out....which will leave them smoldering and damaging the wick.

Man i freaking hate flat head screw drivers and their coresponding screws.


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