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Posted:OK. So here's the deal.

Back three years ago (almost to the day) I met this great guy named Mike. We both lived in Ann Arbor.

We had an amazing, intense, and incredible relationship. I came to realize that this was the first man I had ever met who could easily become my husband and the father of my children.

And three weeks later, I got on a plane for London. A month later, when I returned, he had moved to Los Angeles. A week after that, I moved to New York City. And then he moved to Tokyo.

We both knew it was coming. We knew that we had three weeks with each-other, and they were just an amazing three weeks.

Guess where he is right now? He's in my shower. You see, he just moved to New York. And we're still fantastic together.

And I'm moving away in three months. frown

So I think we're about to have a talk about this. But... I don't want to become tied down to him just to lose him again. I want to be his boyfriend and then his husband. I want him to move to SF with me (which he theoretically could). But three months isn't long enough to make that sort of determination. I mean, in spite of the fact that it's been three years, we don't know each other that well.

What do I do?

-Mike )'(
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Posted: Written by :Pogo69

she's moving 10,000 miles to make it happen...!!

that makes my long-distance relationship seems like no distance at all!

if you can make it work over 10,000 miles, then a few hundred is nothing

hug to all

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Posted:If it's right, it can be pretty quick- a friend of my mother met a guy at his leaving party about 3 days before he was heading off to study hyaenas in a small tent in the Sahara.. Part of the contract was that they would pay for him, and his partner to get the boat out, (this was a while ago smile ) but with no return trip available for 5 years..

She didn't actually know what a hyaena *was* at the time, and had never left the country..
As you probably guessed.. she agreed to go.. and 50 years later is one of the global authorities on hyaena communication..

Admittedly, that's a teensy bit extreme.. but.. well.. it *can* work out!


If that's okay with you?


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