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Posted:We had the pleasure of Motley dropping in on the Guildford meet which gave me a good excuse to do some filming and play about with the new version of Vegas.
Unfortunately i managed to forget to press record an embaressing number of times, so ended up with hardly any fire footage, nor footage of jugglers, staff and all the other wonderful things that happen in Guildford.

Still, quite a nice techy video biggrin

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Posted:Much fun- I hope you're all going to be at Play or Southern Lights this year- what with Matt 'wibbler' and myself, lots of throwy fun to be had biggrin

I met Dan at Play and then again at Bristol- is he a Guildfordite then?


Momma Bear
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Posted:Awesome video smile

loved Tom's isolations and the sunshine on his handsome self sunny

also loved Durbs' whip catches into hyperloops- very nice, Sir!

And Danny's flower stalls were lovely also. Thank you guys smile

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Posted:yay! tech! nice! smile

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

Like sex, I'm much more interesting in real life than online.

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Posted:Nice work Mr Durbs, had a lot of fun. Will defo come to visit you guys again soon. Look forward to seeing you at PITP3 if you decide to come along biggrin

Chutney, I'll definately be at Play \o/ Not so sure about southern lights though. Be good to see you at PITP too biggrin Either way, see you soon.

Thanks Jo hugs to you


old hand
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Posted:Great vid. smile

In future Tom, tell me when you're going to guildford!! My dad lives there, so i'm down there every other weekend. smile

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Posted:clap Lovely, you geeks wink



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Posted:Hi Chutney, I'm somewhat of a Guildfordite... and hoping to be at Play again this year!

Twas good to meet you Motley, hopefully see you again sometime...

Thank you Jo smile,

It's a shame we didn't get more footage, but it's not as if we're never going to spin again!


Classically British
Location: Epsom, Surrey, England
Member Since: 23rd Sep 2001
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Posted:Like many Guildfordians, he doesn't come from Guildford (Nor do I, Chris, Strugz...)

Now I've figured out the whole "press record" thing, the next session should be slightly improved smile

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Posted:and when you work out the whole 'frame rate' thing, we'll all be a lot happier too wink

nice biggrin

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Posted:so what happened to putting vids on juggletube instead of youtube tongue

only saying it, cos i cant youtube at work whereas juggletube slides under their radar

"the geeks have got you" - Gayle

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