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Location: york/oxford
Member Since: 27th Oct 2005
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Posted:Iv been spinning for a good few years now but never made a video. Sooo i made a little video of me spinning a variety of poi at my favorite place to spin.

Hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think (and if nothing else enjoy the end).


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Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Member Since: 2nd May 2007
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Posted:That was cool. What song is that?

Looks like a kick ass place to spin.


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Location: wisconsin
Member Since: 21st Feb 2005
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Posted:wow, awesome. i loved the wire wool at the end

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Location: neather here nor there
Member Since: 30th Oct 2005
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Posted:Cool vid.
Good to see someone useing a montage of small clips. Filmed well and in a great location.
I dont think it would have hade the same impact if it was just one routien.
Walky talky man is a great tune too.

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Location: york/oxford
Member Since: 27th Oct 2005
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Posted:Cheers for the comments. The song is indeed walkie talkie man by steriogram. its good to know people are enjoing the vid


Member Since: 11th Oct 2007
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Posted:That was awesome!!!


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Location: Cambridge, UK
Member Since: 10th Feb 2007
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Posted:Truly inspirational video. Loved it. One of my favourites. Where is that castle? Also, what type of wirewool cages are they? Where did you get them?


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Location: Perth
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Posted:I have ruin envy. Lovely stuff

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