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Location: Hamburg
Member Since: 26th Mar 2006
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Posted:Hi all!
I am going to write my thesis (in psychology) about poi in psychotherapy. By now i am doing research in wheather there has already been somebody with the same idea who already practices sth like Poi-Therapy.
I am looking for people who do so or know somebody who does (or who have heard about somebody).
To sort out unnecessary answers: I am not that interested in physio-therapy. I am following a body- or dance- psychotherapeutical approach.
I could imagine that (e.g. in NZ) somebody comin from a Maori background & interested in therapy tried to develop a new kind of therapy.

I came to the idea after doing a practiceship in a psychosomatic clinic where one of the nurses offered a poi-class for patients. (And reported good results in e.g. changing mood at least for the short term.)

Although i am really interested in that topic (as u might imagine wink ) i can't put much time into a discussion.
This is more a "wanted" request.

I hope you still feel free to discuss smile and if you really heard about anything: Tellme!!!!! bounce

greetings to this whole community!


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Posted:That's a really really interesting topic. I would be so wowed to see a poi class offered for medical purposes. I've seen classes billed as fitness courses but never for emotional/mental well-being (though that's certainly one thing I get out of it). I wish I could direct you to someone who would know or even some texts, but I can't. Consider this positive thoughts and good luck wishes.


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Posted:Sorry I can't remember where but I once saw a whole thesis on the physical and psychological benifits of juggling... the benefits are basically going to be almost identical to poi from a phsychological point of view.

Might be worth trawling through google!

"Whats wrong with the cat?" - Mrs Schrdinger


Location: Hamburg
Member Since: 26th Mar 2006
Total posts: 3
Posted:That sounds good indeed!
Although I didn't find anything yet via Google frown

I'll continue searching!

thanks for the hint!

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