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Posted:I just got my poi a few days ago in the mail. They are the beginner fuzzy poi that are light and have a foam core. I am glad that I got the foam ones, or I would have a shiner right now. First time I used them I manages to smack myself square in the eyebrow. Also another time on the top of my head. These foam ones are sooo nifty.

Anyways. I've gotten basic spinning down kind of. I started on the butterfly but keep tying my hands together by accident. I deterred away from that and started experimenting and got down an infinity figure 8 sign down a bit.

It's hard for me to practice since I do it in my dorm room. I would practice outside but I don't want to look like a dork adn there are some mean people on my campus.
I'll post when I learn something new or have a funny story to tell ^__^

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Posted:Glad to hear your enjoying poi.

I hate to say it but your not at the basics yet. You've taken baby steps but for your first few days thats all we would ask of you.

If you can pluck up the courage to spin outside you'll find that you won't need to replace any broken stuff in your room biggrin Seriously tho don't let a buch of narrow minded jerks weigh you down.

If you want to progress to the basics you might want to try the HoP Library (the little tab under the Home of Poi logo).

If you need any help feel free to ask anybody here on HoP or do a search and you'll probably find that the answers are already here in some old forgoten thread somewhere.

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Posted:The library is a great resource. I also don't like practicing where people can see me, I started using a raquetball court at my college and I like that a LOT. Bring some music, rock out, have plenty of room AND privacy.
I made a worksheet of poi basics (ha, yeah, really I did) and it's finally occuring to me to post it on here. If you're interested in it, feel free to private message me.

The other good thing with the library is that you'll be able to learn terms that will help you be specific when asking for help. Poi doesn't translate very well in words, so having the names of moves will help you along.


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Posted:The best thing that you can do is find someone else to learn with. Bonus if they have done some poi before, but even just learning together is a great way to get going.

Besides, someone else can point out stuff that you can not see for yourself.

And use the library, it really is great.

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Posted:Just started myself to (abouth a month ago, and 2 weeks ago i piked up Meteor as well)

if you don't want to practice where the people from you campus might see you, Indoor parking lots tend to have a high seeling, and a lot of them tend to have a blindspot (a place where not a single car parks :P)