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Posted:Hey, Ive ghosted this site non-stop for a very long time, and thought I might get some crticial advice on my poi as demonstrated in my video below: (Oh and rate and comment whilst ure at it)

If high qual is needed I will supply smile

poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi


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Posted:Damn those poi are hard to see. Bright yellow things flying round, when they're over your head you can't even see em if you pause it!

Your right hand lets you down a fair bit, but I'm sure you were aware... sometimes the timing falls out because of it (i think, it was a bit hard to see because of the poi colour and background) or it'll just spin off plane...

Some sort of flow appears to be needed, but it looks like the clips are just of you focusing on certain movements and their variations, rather than an integration... regardless of whether or not you were just practicing these things, if you're not already doing so, practice flowing incorporation of movements with different stylistic features?

Umm... a few sloppy stalls thrown in there, but I'm sure you were aware of that... Try getting the stalls to be either straight up and down, left and right or horizontal or whatever, rather than just swinging to a point and changing directions... thats fine for a lot of things, but it'll help you gain control in a lot of other things...

The opposites compound circle with arms split time and poi in time or whatever it is that you're doing at 5:20ish could greatly benefit from that... I was doing double stalls on opposites with a similar motion to that which helped me clean it up immensely...

OH! Slow down, too... then once you've got it worked out slower concentrate on using a variety of speeds to punctuate what you're trying to express, if expression is what you want to be doing, I guess, it helps explore a larger range of movement, anyway.

I dunno, thats all I've got, hoping it was constructive and legible (I'm not too great at describing how poi works in words since my friends are all bodily kinesthetic learners.)

Apart from that, nice looking juggleski, was something I could never do. ^_^

Keep enjoying stuff.