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Posted:I'm in the mood to be doing some re-decorating of some of my performance props and Im really desperate to get my hands on a supplier of glitter tape in Australia. I'm specifically looking for gold black and red glitter tape.
I have previously used book contact cut in to strips but i can't seem to find the colours i want and it is not very durable.

I had originally decided to go with identi tape there prices are good and I was fine with the $100 minimum for international purchases. The problem that Im having is that for $120 worth of tape it was going to cost me around $190 to get it shipped. That is almost double not including the exchange rate. At first i though maybe Ill get just enough tape for my performance hoops and the postage will be less but then I remembered the $100 minimum. So Im in a bit of a fix.

Any help would be much appreciated or even any hints as to where i could get this kind of tape preferably in bulk rather than in tiny rolls.


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