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Posted:If anyone wants to puchase some BJC2008 clothing. we are making an order in a week.

Hoodies are 25
Baggy T 12
Lady T 12
Strappy Vest 12
Cotton shopping Bag 3.50

clothing is available in Orange or Black
and in sizes Xs S M L XL XXL

Postage is costing us 6 but we are absorbing 50% of that cost and only asking you to pay 3..

so. if you want anything. please use paypal to transfer the money to liz@bjc2008.co.uk and be sure to leave us your order details and your address for postage.

the items will be shipped out direct from the printers.



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Blimey.. a second round of clothing! biggrin
Any chance of getting an orange hoodie with a black man on, as opposed to a brown one? biggrin

Mini - thanks for all the work you did over the weekend. Many a time I saw you scuttling off with the look of a man on a mission in your eyes. hug
As a side note, how much did you have to pay the health and safety people to let you let the unicyclists on the ice rink? That was very possibly one of the most inspired things I have seen at a convention biggrin


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Posted:Ooo - the hoodies look wicked even though I wasn't there..

One orange one...S or M please biggrin

Order on it's way smile

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Posted:i asked them. we did a quick risk assessment.

they said we could have 20 minutes. starting NOW.

so 30 seconds later i was in the GYm announcing it.

i hope some of it appears on Youtube.



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I have footage biggrin

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