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Forums > Social Chat > So who was I doing poi with at E:volve in Birmingham?!

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Member Since: 1st Apr 2008
Total posts: 2
Posted:So who was there and who was I doing poi with? I guess I really should have got names!

And if your the girl with the black and white stripy sock poi and you find your way here from me trying to sign out 'home of poi', well done! hi!


Member Since: 7th Apr 2008
Total posts: 1
Posted:Ha ha, found you! (after some prodding)

Hi, I'm Kayleigh.


Member Since: 1st Apr 2008
Total posts: 2

Lol, i'm Mark, nice too meet you!

The internet really is amazing - it really must be evolving human socialisation

Have you found all the poi videos under 'library'?

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