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mellowtomBRONZE Member
17 posts
Location: Buderim QLD, Australia

ive been playing with the staff and double staff for about 3 months and I just started on poi yesterday. I must say poi hurts a lot more then staff! ive got brusies everywhere, ive been hit in the face 1,000,000 times, and winded myself by an unfortunate hit in between the legs redface - still i can see an addiction forming!!
Has anybody got any funny/ painful injurys stories to share? It might inspire me to perserve and learn this bloody 3 beat weave backwards

43 posts
Location: Fareham

I got myself in the nuts with a hideously badly-conceived pair of home-made poi, several years ago.

I couldn't find tennis balls, so I used golf balls. I think I might have cried a little that day.

No philosophical signatures for me. I hate those things. But I do like biscuits.

9 posts

i tried for the first time and nailed myself in the head.... gonna get softer ones cause that left stars in my eyes!!!

NOT stopping though!!

bentforkxGOLD Member
Should I be spinning around my poi, or should my poi be spinning around me???
42 posts
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

I was doing an outward spinning butterfly and tried a behind the head move........
the poi wrapped around my wrists (handcuffed me) behind my head and whacked me in the ears simultaneously....
that will throw off your equilibrium!

Spinning makes the world go round

24 posts
Location: Caerphilly, S Wales

I keep hitting my calves...

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lucidreamaBRONZE Member
13 posts
Location: St. Helens, Merseyside, England (UK)

Was out in the park for ages today spinnin and doin well until I cracked meself in the nuts twice within 10 minutes!! Oooch! eek ...decided to call it a day after that! I think I was losin focus out of hunger and tiredness.

At least it wasn't as bad as the other day when I hit meself in the rocks with both poi at once! ooooops

I been thinkin a box (that they use in Karate etc) might be a good idea!

live unlimited... love regardless!

harasuSILVER Member
51 posts
Location: that cute valley in the south, Slovenia

Whacked myself in the head a gazillion times doing behind the head butterfly. Luckily I have the fluffy poi with their forgiving feeling biggrin so it's rather like "no, no, Harasu, you're doing it all wrong" instead of "you clusmy crow, wtf is wrong with you".

Btw, I don't think girls' private parts (whacked that, too rolleyes doing 3 beat weave) hurt any less than boys'. They're both quite sensitive, innit?

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SuchGOLD Member
253 posts
Location: Right Here, USA

Originally Posted By: newgabeGlowies are friggin LETHAL things. Sure, I split my eyebrow and all sorts. Go slower, concentrate on PLANES not SPEED and you will rarely get hit.

But the hit in the balls thing I simply do not understand. In 6 years or so spinning poi I have never ever not even once hit myself in the fanny. What the hell are people doing to get them going upwards between the legs? Or are these extra endowed people, hung like bulls as they say?
*boasting prompt*

Funny I have been on my knees today three times from a blow to the balls. I find it happens when the poi ricochet off each other (tennis balls) in an unfavorable trajectory... I never see it coming until it's to late...

Edit: I just crawled to the computer to say, "Number Four..." Worst one yet.
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Jamie_DunnSILVER Member
Jellie Jamie
2 posts
Location: Warren, MI, USA

I was drinking, and I thought it would be a great time to poi (cause it was really dark out), and 5 minutes into it, I whacked myself right in the nose. I think I fractured it then.. just maybe. But it hurt real bad. I was using glow poi with the socks.

TroikaSILVER Member
The official unofficial purveyor of cake
26 posts
Location: Missouri USA

I just got my poi three days and hit my self in the nuts more in those three days than in the last three years! but I sure learned alot.

deshriaSILVER Member
3 posts
Location: MAssachussetts USA

I hit myself hard enough in the ear ( I forgot what trick) that I shattered the ipod ear bud that was in it. My ear rang for a few hours after that and I had a bitch of a time getting the peices out of my ear.

Dance while the moon is full and don't borrow sorrows till they come

RainbowmaryBRONZE Member
19 posts
Location: Oregon, USA

Originally Posted By: deshriaI hit myself hard enough in the ear ( I forgot what trick) that I shattered the ipod ear bud that was in it. My ear rang for a few hours after that and I had a bitch of a time getting the peices out of my ear.
Wow! That sounds....horrible. eek

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Chloe'GOLD Member
324 posts
Location: SouthDakota, USA

Originally Posted By: deshriaI hit myself hard enough in the ear ( I forgot what trick) that I shattered the ipod ear bud that was in it. My ear rang for a few hours after that and I had a bitch of a time getting the peices out of my ear.

Ive done this once...only I had just gotten my ears peirced and the stud got knocked out. the worst part was trying to find it in the carpet. lol

Listen to Your heartbeat and dance...

NeophixSILVER Member
1 post

Well, i've been Poi-ing for about 4 years (2 years solidly), and i was out in my backyard, doing some butterfly with those poi that have the tails, and because I'm fairly confidant with butterfly, i was going fast for fun, and then it got very suddenly un-fun, those tails catch each other, and so i had high velocity poi straight to the family jewels, the worst part was, both poi hit a separate jewel.
I spent five minuets on the ground, alternating between moaning and swearing.
I then got up, determined and pissed off, and resumed said butterfly, only to immediately repeat the potentially de-fertilizing maneuver.
i managed to throw the poi quite far before i hit the ground.
when i got up, i went and put on my cup.
it was comfortable poi-ing from there.
and how i grinned when i next hit myself in the balls!... then it occurred to me i could take the tails off.

(oh, and yay for my first post on HoP)

1 post

Some years ago, i was doing the poi, and quess what...!! They both landed on my balls! They were without fire, but still it hurted like a horse kick!

Damn poi!

RainbowmaryBRONZE Member
19 posts
Location: Oregon, USA

*feels even luckier to be a woman with all these ball-busting stories*!! nana

*Insert poignant and emotionally relevant song lyric here*

philisweatlySILVER Member
life's a garden, dig it
115 posts
Location: Tennesse, U.S.A.

I always seem to hit one unlucky side of my "situation". or when the little battery compartment top on my glow poi hits you perfectly on the bridge of your nose. good times.


DyamiTKGOLD Member
beginner forever
159 posts
Location: Santa Cruz, Ca, USA

Your poi don't mean it. They still love you, they are just trying to teach you to be aware of what you are doing. duck

deweejBRONZE Member
amatuer professional
8 posts
Location: Wisconsin, US Virgin Islands

Ouch ouch...the balls again.

"Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience." -George Washington

18 posts

Yeah it hurts a bit, the balls is the worst but Ive realised the only time I maage to get hit in the balls is when theres been obstacles about tongue2.

Ive had some pretty ad face hits though usually when drunk. Once I somehow managed to swing the poi ul pelt into my eye? that was bad ..

good luck anyways

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
Rampant whirler.
2,418 posts
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!

Hah! One I remember was while learning the inverted beat in the corkscrew, it clipped me in my open eyeball.

Eeeek! Eyes watered for ages after that, had to have a sit down.


bbrittaneePoi + Hoop
21 posts
Location: Ontario, Canada

I am just learning.. maybe had my poi set for a week and half. And i have just got the alternate butterfly working correctly, but while learning and still sometimes now when i flop myn head behind me i get hit in the ass.

And at first i was scared and would tuck down from the poi, and that would make things only worse obviously lol.
And i would get in the face, top of the head and or back shoulder area.

Soo yupp they doo hurt.

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I think its what we live for ♥

cleezyBRONZE Member
58 posts
Location: augusta, georgia, united states

i was spining my sea bean necklace and it hit me on the forehead...it made a cool sound

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