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Member Since: 1st Apr 2008
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Posted:I got my gf interested in poi poi and she wants me to teach her . I have got Practice poi, Glow poi, Fire poi but im not letting her near them lol

so any ideas


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Posted:ideas about what?

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Member Since: 1st Apr 2008
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Posted:like what stuff to teach her
and is it a good idea to teach her


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Posted:I cant understand why you want to share an obsession such as spinning with your gf. Wouldnt that mean spending time together, meeting new ppl together rolleyes

Go for it!!! Use HOP lessons as a guide. hug

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Posted:It's a very good idea to teach her - partner routines are amongst the most amazingly beautiful moves possible.

Teach her the basics, and use the HoP lessons - you might extract something for yourself too. Many mistakes settle in and are then hard to level out after some time. Teaching is good fun, but be prepared that she might get better than thou... take it as a blessing and a compliment smile

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Posted:Teach her...!

1 pair socks, 2 tennis balls and begin!

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Posted:Totally teach her. My boyfriend took up spinning after I did and we have a lot of fun. Like FireTom said, start out with the basics-- 2 and 3 beat, butterfly, and each of them in reverse is the way I start out teaching people. Good luck and have fun!