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Okay, I don't know how international this book series is but my girlfriend, who is addicted to it like crack, talked me into reading at least the first one.

So I figure meh its 400 or so pages no biggie. I finished reading it at 9:00pm the other night and by 9:05pm I was in the car on my way to the book store to buy the next two in the series!

Now I've gotten 3 of my co-workers hooked on the book series. One of whom read all three in one weekend!

None of my male friends have even looked twice at the book series, seeing it as a sappy vampire romance type thing. But boy have I scored some points with my girlfriend's friends smile just for enjoying the books.

So is anyone out there in HOP Land enjoying these books too or is it not an international craze yet?

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Posted:My sister is le crazy over these. So much so that she likes to go up to people at school (and friends. and family. and everyone else) and tell them what character they 'are'.

I might read it sometime as she makes it seem funny, but uni and other such concerns are holding me back. Usually it's the other way round!





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Posted:Heh my girlfriend is sooooo Bella, she could hurt herself wearing a straitjacket and in a padded room!


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Posted:sweet iv been looking for a decent fantasy horror type book thing and if this has the blessing of the unnoficial HoP book club then im off to the shops thanks dragon dafin biggrin


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