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ShokartaBRONZE Member
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hey guys...

im wondering what should burn better and longer...
if i use 1m of 1.6mm or or 1/2m of 3.2mm thin wick...

cheers for reply

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You refer to Poi or Staff?

Any which way: why would it make a difference?

after all it's the amount of wick that holds Kerosene, so I reckon both will come to the same. As in 'durability': on staff I would claim thicker wick to have a longer life expectancy...

With Poi:

Maybe consider using braided heads, made from rope. 'Better' flames (as in 'brighter') will be created, the more air comes to the flame and braided heads hold more Kerosene than 'banded ones' (of the same size) -> longer

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