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Ive been playing around with these (and all hyperloops, atm) but my question to the board is... has anyone managed to get in and out of one by going from bottom to top. As when I do them I start with a corkscrew that is unwinding around my body and then tangle like i was doing a airwrap and then change my hands so i do a hyperloop. I still haven't figured out the total theory of the hyperloop but is it possible to come out up top (or has it been done)? Or is it only possible from top to bottom, which i cannot do, although being able to do horizontal airwraps...

Anyway are horizontal/corkscrew hyperloops possible?

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yes its possible. I can sometimes do them, not cleanly or consistently yet...

To exit the top you have to kind of "pop" the nexus up. A tug upward of the top poi will usually suffice for this and then quickly move your hands into exit position.

I'd recommend just starting with horizontal airwraps bottom to top and get those first. The popping motion is similar and will help you to see the timing. Also... this should probably go in the advanced move forum.

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i didn't want to taint the advanced moves... but thats helpful advice thanks...

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this is worthy of advanced moves.

I'll have to give it a try.

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If you can do a simple hyperloop, there is not a problem to do it in horisontal plane. It may be difficult to do it down2up...

P.S. Yeah, it's possible =)

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