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Posted:There is another youtube thread of course, but that seems dedicated to 'funniest' videos.

This thread I'd like to dedicate to emotive video's, I've seen some before, but I was prompted to start the thread because of this :

I can get quite emotional about things sometimes, and I've always loved animals. I have the highest regard for some, and elephants are among the top of my list, incredibly powerful, majestic, intelligent creatures. It has always saddened me thinking about how they have been hunted in the past, and still are occasionally now, and it was thinking about film I have seen on that, that had some tears welling up as I watched this :

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Posted:That elephant one is amazing!! wow!

The free hugs video is one of my favourites! Love the song that goes with it too! hug

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Posted:I'm in two minds about the elephants. Im not sure I agree with teaching them something so unnatural to them, but at the same time - dude, thats AMAZING!!!!

I hope they sold the painting for mega bucks!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted: Written by

Boombim, a highly confident 8 year old female elephant, painted her beautiful floral art in Chiang Mai, Thailand. According to her trainer, Ngiam, this confidence turns to stubbornness at times. However, she is also very expressive in her happiness and makes loud noises to show her enjoyment. Being such an expressive elephant, she was meant to be artist and after 2 years she is painting beautiful, realistic pictures. Painting is very relaxing for Boombim. She gets a bath before practicing, then indulges in bananas and sugarcane after.

When Thailand cut back on logging, at least 3,000 domesticated elephants were no longer needed for hauling. These wonderful creatures are facing unprecedented survival challenges. Boombin's amazing art is being sold to help save the demising number of Asian elephants and protect them from people using them for illegal logging or begging for handouts on city streets. Proceeds are used to keep their native habitats as well as for caretaker education, veterinarian care, and food for domesticated elephants.

Positive behavioral training techniques and non-toxic paints are used. Your painting has an official stamp and comes with Boombin's picture and bio. Thank you for helping and saving these amazing creatures.

(taken from http://store.exoticworldgifts.com/prostores/servlet/-strse-277/Painted-by-an-Elephant/Detail )

Most Thai's revere elephants, I'm sure she is treated very well, there seemed to be no duress in the video, and she seems to paint different works, she's certainly not being forced to endlessly practice a template. I do believe she's not being treated as a painting sausage machine.

Looks like they sell them all for $475 USD.

PS. Thanks PsyRush I was quite moved by the free hugz vid when I first saw it maybe a year ago too, spread more! smile

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Posted:wow that elephant paints better than i do! amazing...

there were a few guys with a free hugs sign about chester a few years ago!ubblol nice blokes

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Posted:The elephant video was amazing smile



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Posted:I'm usually not that sentimental, but this video get's to me no matter how many times i see it.

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