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Posted:Hi There,

It is with mixed feelings that we post this thread but we have decided to sell our Poi manufacturing company Poitoy Ltd.

We have not been giving our business enough attention after becoming parents and moving abroad and have now decided that it is time to let someone who can give it the attention it deserves take control.

What you are buying:

100% of the shares in Poitoy Ltd.

Our web site ranking #1 on Google for "poi wholesale" and has a Google Page rank 4

Our complete customer database with more than 500 self qualified leads and 134 paying customers.

Contact with our distribution centers in both the UK and the US who both agree to store our products for free in exchange for getting paid to ship it (at competitive rates).

Contact with our Chinese manufacturer who is trustworthy, on time and full of help and guidance if you would like to develop more products.

All rights to our super cool logo, our two product designs and packaging, videos, images and any other copyright or trademark held by Poitoy Ltd.

All our product stock which is roughly 200 sets of Poitoy Classic and 3500 sets of Poitoy Orbiter.

We have no idea how to price this so we are inviting serious offers.

Please email if you have questions or would like to make an offer.

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