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Posted:My names ross and I'm sik of not knowing any other spinners round here,

who wants to meet up on a beach 4 a big spin when the weathers better? perfbly north coast kernow are? ? ?

is it me or does nothing realy matter?

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Posted:mmm big spin on the beach when its sunny , good plan smile

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I'm french and I am doing an internship near Truro.
A meeting with Cornish jugglers that should be cool, to make some fire... smile On the beach why not
I juggle with Poi, clubs, balls

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Posted:strange, i was in Cornwall recently and saw someone crossing the road spinning some poi, which surprised me as its not something i often see smile

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:easy ross, if you guys want a college circus club again, bruce needs a list of people who are interested to give to gill, i think he's wants it to be at cc campus so people can come and go easier...
theres a new staff spinner moved into my old flat, hopefully there will be more in his batch of students, i'll find out whats going on with falmouth jugglin club too, or maybe set one up over camborne?




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Posted:Right! Just to say, that I have set up a weekly meet/fire spin in Falmouth. Mainly students but many others. Welcome to all people. The times are on Falmouth Moor, Every Tuesday at around 7:30-9:30, depending on how we feel and how much paraffin we have, on Falmouth Moor. PM me if you would like more information on the event or a phone number. More than welcome to meet people. We have a couple of people teaching unicycle and other such skills. Hope to hear from people soon, and hopefully see ya there! Doug

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Posted:im from scotland grin


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