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Posted:Hi all, I'm going to NZ in November-December, and I want to spend a decent ammount of time tramping, but I don't want it to be too touristy. I've heard some of the bigger tracks get really busy as the weather gets better, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to go and what to expect.

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Posted:Try to avoid the great walks if you want to avoid the tourists and the overly priced hut tickets.
I can recomend though the reese dart valley track although it will probably still be quite buisy.
But if you are up for the challange then do the North West Curcit on Stewart island i can well recomend it but you do have to carry ten days of food so its not for the lite harted.
Also you could do what i did quite a bit and thats get a map and a few hut tickets and just head out into the mountains for a few days and please your self.
Hope this helps.

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Posted:Go Kahurangi..

I went walking on one of the back trails there over the Easter weekend, a few years back, and saw.. ooh.. 6 people in a day and a half..?

Plus several of the huts are free..

Do NOT go to the Abel Tasman if you'd rather go soemwhere less touristy. It's like a shopping mall out there, and the huts genuinely cost more than a bed in a B 'n B.


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