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Is there any little 'trade secret' for videotaping poi in action? 'Cause I find that no matter how hard I try, it's always blurry. Some sort of setting? Or perhaps an angle? Any help would be appreciated smile

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Posted:Hate to tell you mate but this has been discuessed many a time and in depth before.
Try doing a search and you should turn up some good results.

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Posted:SEARCH... and however: specify.

Is it day - or nighttime action you refer to? Including fire or not? If daytime and blurry: maybe need to clean your lens, maybe choose more fps (frames per second). If night time and fire: you will experience this phenomenon very often. It depends on the luminosity (sp.) of your lens, errm how much light it needs to maintain focus. If you experience it to go weird and/or blurry all the time or once and again: Auto or manual focus when there is still much flame/light on an object or person that is within the area of the action and disengage automatic. The focus will remain the same and the result will be lots better than having the camera attempting to and loosing focus during the action. Don't forget to re-engage the correct focus for each sequence.

It can be a real pain in the neck and the effort taken usually depends on the intended use of the footage.

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Posted:First things first..

What camera are you using?
Are you shooting at night or in the daytime?
If it's during the day, is it sunny or cloudy?

The equipment you use and the amount of light available will have a massive effect on how blurry your videos end up.

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Posted:Use 30fps or 60fps if possible.

Higher fps = less blur