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Posted:It's on!!!!

All details are at but here are the basics cause this is just the tease thread, where we want you to chat and not clog up the PLAYnews thread.:

23-27 July in Llanfyllin, Wales, on the site of the rather lovely workhouse festival )

Non-Https Image Link

its much easier to get to than you might think. all travel stuff is on the website

tickets are on sale, and are 35 until June 1st so don't delay in getting one cause they go up after. (incidentally that is the same price as last year smile )

we can't wait to see you there!


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Posted:how did you book your ticket if you didn't use pay pal?

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Posted:you were given the option to bypass paying through paypal if you wanted or if you didn't have a paypal account. i think i did that because the time it takes for paypal to process transactions is ridiculous if you don't already have money in there. but i can't remember so i'm constantly checking both shrug

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