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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the EASTFIRE FESTIVAL international fire-festival, which will take place on May 24-26th in Kharkov, Ukraine. We are planning to invite the best artists from Ukraine and abroad who are working in the fire-performance area. Special programme was worked out for the participants of the festival, which will include both performances and competitions: festival competition among fire theatres, "fire-battles" among fireworks and hors concours performances. A 3-day programme includes several master-classes, seminars and trainings, as one of the most important aims of the festival is integration and exchange of experience among the participants of the festival, as well as creation of international network within the framework of the cultural cooperation.

Circus studios, mime groups, street-theatres, photo-artists (?), musicians, groups working in the genre of extreme show and many others are also invited to the festival besides fire theatres and fireworkers. According to the Provisions of the festival (link to the site where Provisions are posted), foreign guests who will pass the competition (?) will be provided free lodging and food, also compensation of the trip charges is possible. We invite fireworkers, who are willing to organize master-classes, on the same conditions.

Interesting hors concours programme: body-art festival, musical groups festival, extreme motor show, performances of the circus studios and street theatres, fire installations festival, photographers competition; excursions around Kharkov will allow each participant to find something interesting for himself.

Founders of the EASTFIRE FESTIVAL are sure that you will be interested in the idea of the festival. We look forward to meeting with out foreign colleagues.

You can find all additional information, i.e. participation conditions, registration, programme, on our site:

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