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the after-after party from Circus Festival Ireland biggrin with me, ronan and maelle. joined in the cold by aengus, gwen, and a dog.... hug

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bloody awesome! bounce biggrin

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Unreal clap

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New favourite vid... tops! ubbloco

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Aye - not too terrible wink

Looks nice and cozy there...

CJ-Poi FTW! biggrin

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Maelle > The paracicles look awesome and your club snakin rock!


Ronan > Very nice rolls and back of the neck stands.




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WHOHOOOOO!!!! Sweeeeeet!

I only seen Ronan in a video 2 times, one is on Nicks youtube and the other one is from Thailand last year but now I really see why everyone is talking about his spinning, it`s F*CKING AMAZING, so controled, symetrical, variational and just lovely :P

Love the vid guys!


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wow... best vid ive seen in a long time, some really original stuff there.

/me goes to play biggrin:D

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- Maelle -

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Everyone is talking about play, when and where is it? any hoepage? I wanna go, can I ubbangel

"I dont like shoes, definitely not spinning with shoes, they make my feet feel flat, my feet are not flat...."

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Not too bad.
wink tongue

Thanks for making this one.

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thanks, kyle. so kind.

biggrin and thank you everyone else for the nice comments. i've been telling everyone that ronan is the best spinner in the world ( wink ) for years now, so it's nice to finally put out some nice stuff of his, and to have the privilege of spinning with maelle too hug she almost makes me want to start club swinging again.... tongue

*wishing his total footage to make video from had been more than 14minutes*

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bounce bounce bounce super fancy!!!!!!!!
hehehe!! nice to see Ronan climbing... jajaja!!
looking forward to see some more stuff.


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Whaou !!!

Some really good stuff in there !!!
I'was really happy to see you Ronan, and see how you've developed contact poi. Really really nice.
I'm really impatient to see you in Paris...

Rob, I also enjoyed your ninja style and some stuff you play! I hope to see you soon too!

Thanks for sharing your po.



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This video is very innovative! In italy i never seen something like this!
Thanx for sharing! You have opened me a world of tricks!

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I think you'll find this video is impossible. I mean really, a video with rob, maelle and ronan in it? That doesn't exist.

Plus It has recent poi moves in it. Whatever happened to video being at least one year out of date? Where was the huge argument thread discussing new and obsure terminology for the new moves presented before anybody can even understand what they are, the light dawning only when they finally see the video? Where was the infighting and bickering over whether they were possible/tech/able to do on fire?

Hop has gone so down hill recently.

I'm disappointed in you guys. wink

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ubblove My two favourite spinners, and a hot french girl, in one video. WIN! And, She can spin!! Double Win!!

Meg, If it makes you feel any better, I've been playing with those arm rolls where the handle keeps on spinning back to the hand for almost a year and a half... wink Ronan just makes them look good with his stage ball poi... Does that make you feel any better?

Still love the video. It's been a while since there has been a video released with new(ish) material in it, and stuff that's done WELL. Not to mention Ronan.

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Simply mind blowing eek And really inspirational. Grand work!

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Nice one for comments poiples,

Rob and Maelle was delightful to have ye, looking forward to seeing ye again soon.

Hey Cyrille, see you next week? Looking forward to having a play with you now, two years later. I've heard fantastic things smile


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yeah really nice really high quality. I liked it all, but I esp. liked the club swinging (surprise surprise) smile

good to see there are still people out there swinging away!

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