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Posted:First time doing meltdowns and forward btb 3 beat weave with fire

suggestions/comments please smile

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Posted:I like the movement and the switching from behind and in front planes

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Posted:Hey dude.
Sweet video man, I can't believe how you've come on since I first saw you.
Lookin good.

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Posted:I can't do forward btb weave. frown My shoulder goes "clickity clickity click!" And then I'm in pain.

Theres something about the way you integrate them that could be better... It looks like if you just grasped one thing, in abotu 10 mins your spinning could look a whole lot better... Its like you wait til you've done one movement before you move onto the next, so theres a slight pause between each one, a moment of hesitation. Perhaps try throwing stalls in as you turn or something, so you're still actually IN the turn, rather than wait til you've come out. That could help you out I think... I dunno. I really need to put up a video of my own so people can give me commentsies on what I'm not working on enough!!!

*goes out in search of a video camera*
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