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Posted:Hi Everyone,

Very short notice I know...

We are performing our show and as part of a larger spectacular in Blackpool's Heat the Street festival this weekend.

Our show will be in the Temple of Fire (rather nice name for a carpark I think) at 5.45pm and then we are part of the Tower of Fire spectacular at 8pm.

The whole event is free and should be great.

Hope to see some faces smile

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Posted:So how'd it go? smile

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....




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Posted:flippin freezing arctic conditions, but bloody brilliant!!

The big finale was just awesome; walls of flame, all sorts of pyros and fireworks under the sun, but done in a fantastically artistic way with some really unusual music! (in fact we had to do crouching to cheesy mambo music, which was flippin hilarious!! - I think we should keep it in the repertoir now!)

What a great weekend!

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Posted: Written by: elasta

What a great weekend!

Yup, tropical heat, excellent changing facilities, .. oh.. hang on....

Actually it would've all been fine had my durastilt not snapped 3 minutes into my first walkabout spot....

Only saw the finale show (well, and some of WTP's garden of fire while I was borrowing tools from them to bodge said stilt into usability for the parade, so I was a bit distracted to watch it) - it was very good, even for this jaded old cynic. I want some of those cool choreographed flamethrower jobbies! (They'd make great mood lighting for my front room...)

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Posted:hell yeah! MTFX - bring it on!


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