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Forums > Advanced Poi Moves > who can inform about triple and quad poi spinning *DELETED*

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Posted:Post deleted by jaiko


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Posted:1) dual Poi wink
2) double staff
3) Meteor
4) rubbing belly clockwise with the left and the top of your head anticlockwise with the right


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Posted:thank you FireTom

have practiced these and become like fluid... but haven't quite got the timing right for 3 and 4 poi chop throws, we'll work on it though

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Posted:juggle four clubs and then learn juggling four staves. Then you might have a chance at juggling four poi. Video plz! smile

PS counterweighted poi will help too (ie mini meteors)

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Posted:OH MY GOD I'M BECOMING DURBS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel so harsh now

Durbs how do you do it?

Clicky click, I did the serch for you, I'm sorry ubbcrying

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fake teeth and glue

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Posted:he's had years of experience...

maybe we should make a compilation thread.

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:I once searched for how many times I'd said the word "Search" - it wasn't pretty.

DarkFyre - you make it sound like a bad thing? wink

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Posted:No, you can't be turning into Durbs...

he at least has learnt how to spell the word 'search' correctly... wink

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Posted:The patience and practice. You don't need more wink