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Posted:Hey everyone! Haven't been on HOP in a while, how is everyone??? Was just curious if anyone had any ideas for three staff contact? couldn't find a thread on HOP anywhere bout it? soz if there is. When i say three staff contact i mean a move based on all three staffs performing a "contact" move. In other words, 3 single staffs doing a contact move each, in succession if necessary to create one big PHAT move? any ideas? got some on the cards at the mo that I am working on, just wanted to see if anyone else is trying the same sort of thing. If that's you, where r u? AND MOVE TO BRISTOL! until we meet again y'all x ubbloco

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Posted:hey will either of you have DVD copies on your person while in Oz? that would be grande

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Posted:errrr, no, I solds them all already at ubercube.

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