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Posted:Hello world smile I'm looking for a place in Auckland, New Zealand that does hair wraps. That's the colourful hair decorations with beads on the end.

I got my last one in Tauranga but that's a bit too far to drive tongue

So if anyone knows of a place in Auckland or surrounds I'll be glad to know.

Thanks heaps

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Posted:. . .
Phew. I thought you were asking about a poi move that sounded like a particularly terrible idea.

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Posted:Hahaha!! No way!!


Posted:Yea, really, the first thing that comes to mind when I see hair wraps on this board is the idea of somebody wrapping the poi around their hair. Which, in all honestly, don't sound like a great place to do one. Maybe if they weren't on fire, but still. Ouch.


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Posted:fraid i cant help you, but i can tell you how my mate did mine.... i miss them frown

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Posted:I miss mine too. I can just see the tangled mess I would make if I tried it myself.


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