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TinklePantsGOLD Member
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Hi guys long time no see smile

So, after regaining my spirituality, paying more attention to things around me and all that spiritual stuff, I did two eye closing exercises. The first one, was searching for vision.

You know when you close your eyes and you see all types of shapes infront of your eyes (probably caused by fluctuations in the light sensors in the retina - QUIET, LOGICAL SIDE!), well I was kinda board the other night so I decided to concentrate on these images harder than ever before, and all of a sudden, in a kind of green night vision, there was a foliage covered 2 door tall gate which opened and I saw an arch shaped trellis in an archway of a building. then the gates closed. visually, it seemed like I was looking through a pinprick in paper and seeing this gate about 10 metres in front of me, but with this tunnel vision. I was quite shocked by this because it was more than a thought, more than a day dream. as vivid as a dream and right there in front of my eyes and not from the hazy memory vision we get when recollecting something.

I decided this was indeed my first true vision as i was totally conscious and wide awake. If i ever see this gate and trellis again in real life, I will know for sure that I may have prophetic vision and not just prophetic dreams/deja vu. I was excited, i just wanted to share that with you guys as you've missed me so much lol smile

anyway, the other closed eye thing, what the subject is about really, is an awesome rollercoaster ride that is what I call, Extreme Eye Closing. Let me elaborate.

You know when you feel sick sometimes and cant close your eyes while laying on your back due to that falling feeling you get and you shake it off and turn over before you hurl? yes, you alcomaholics and party animals know all about that feeling huh lmao biggrin

Anyway, I sometimes get it without the sick feeling, if I'm extremely tired. But I used to up until recently, shake it off incase I got nauseaus. The other night I didn't. I thought "hey I'm a little tired but I dont feel sick. Lets take it to the extreme. Dude!

So I closed my eyes, and let the falling feeling take hold. It's quite a rush, the butterflies in your stomach, like a lift plummetting to the bottom floor. I could only stand it for about 9 - 10 seconds before I sat up slightly out of breath, both hands outstretched on the bed clutching onto the blankets. Luckily sunbird was on the pc at the time or I would have ended up squeezing his... side of the blanket hehehe lol

It was so exhilarating that I went for round two but my resistance was lower and I could only manage "the Fall" about 4-5 seconds. I've never experienced anything like that in my life. Skydivers will know the extremeness I'm talking about and it was truely breathtaking and - Dude it was one hell of a (short) ride. Pay to go into a theme park? hell no, I'm into Extreme Eye Closing!

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TinklePantsGOLD Member
Clique Infiltrator, Cunning Linguist and Master Debator
4,219 posts
Location: Edinburgh burgh burrrrrr, United Kingdom


ok so I want you to try it. Yes you, reading this post. make yourself fall and see how long you last.....

come on - I been absent from HoP so long running the grove with sunbird and working in sainsburys and running the gardening business that people dont even reply.

you're all facebooking or beboing aren't ya? ya just moved the addiction for hop on to them aint ya?!

Where's my posse?

*SHOUTS (ron burgandy style)*

Always use "so's your face" and "only on Tuesdays" in as many conversations possible

Meeko_KiddoSILVER Member
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I've had an experience with something similar... was laying down one day trying to sleep and it felt like the bed dropped out from underneath me, got this way fuzzy head feeling that spread throughout my body, I felt completely suspended in the air and I felt half asleep but in control of my thoughts. I can't even explain the feeling, it was some kind of weird "Im floating" yet "This is what going to Heaven feels like" kind of feeling, totally nuts. Had these weird visions in my mind, it was all dark, yet it was like I was seeing clearly into another dimension. It was NUTS! And then I moved and felt myself suddenly feel the bed again and I was back into reality. I tried to fall back asleep quickly again to feel like that but I never did frown

clarence_quackSILVER Member
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*runs to join the posse*

Nutella Brigade Unite!

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