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Posted:I'm not fully sure this is what this move is called. I think it's a funny walk...where your start from either the front or the back, bring the poi between your legs and then back out again, and then you alternate like that!

Well I can do the one where the poi are moving both in the same direction, butt what about the butterfly variation of that?

If anybody has some pointers, they would be appreciated!

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Posted:Butterfly walk? 0_o Look in the lessons, "Between the legs". Is there the move you talk about?


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Posted:ask pineapple pete, he's the best ive seen at doing it and really nails the funny walk aspect of it

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Posted:this can be done in forwards and back wards butterfly, as well as with the hands staying in front of, or behind, the body... its all experimentation i guess.. and getting the hang of under the leg stuff helps smile

i cant take credit for this.. bretts much better.. and he wouldnt be the first to do it smile


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