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Posted:I'm Currently $#!% faced and I'm smiling from ear to ear like a cheshire cat, so I guess that it is safe to assume that I'm having a good birthday

I woke up this morning and opened up my prezzies with childish glee.
I got:-
A new freestlye bike
Some wooden brain teaser puzzles
A book on Herb Growing and subsiquent uses (I'm a budding horticulturalist)peace
3 herbs for my garden (Sage, Rosmary ad Thyme)
A supersoaker (Keep in mind that it's summer here in NZ)
A lighter that looks like a giant matchstick
A new pair of shoes

I did some basic day to day stuff this morning (after my sleep in and oogling my prezzies) but mid afternoon me and the missus whent for bike ride, We made it past the city limits and a fair way out into the sticks before having a light picnic and a chat and just a good old simple time. Then we whent home.

Pizza for dinner (YUM)
Boubon and Coke for dessert (Doulble YUM)
and to add the icing to the cake
My boy is staying at his Nannas for a few days which has given me and the missus a much deserved break.

And thats aboout it, that was my birthday and it's been the best one that I've had in a while. so I thought I'd come and share a smile with all of you guys biggrin

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Posted:happy birthday again biggrin

a bike, some plants and a lighter? sounds like a whole load of fun just there wink

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:Its my little sisters birthday today too biggrin
Shes 17. Already. Its not right!

Happy birthday hug


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Posted:Happy birthday dude

Here, have some pie

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Posted:Happy Birthday!


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Posted:Okay. I'm a day late.. have a happy unbirthday.

No-one ever said you have to stop being happy just 'cos your birthday stops. biggrin


If that's okay with you?


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