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Forums > Meet Others > anyone fancy a spin in missouri in april?

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Posted:...cause me and clare (firepoise) will be there.

with a whole 1 day off a week in which to spin not in a show.

can anyone give me any up to date info on where there are meets in MO, or maybe tulsa...? i'll have to see how far they are from where we are (silver dollar city) before i make any promises to travel, but i'd like to get out a bit...


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Posted:Like you have already seen you could go to BooBooKittyFudge's fire group if we meet on your week... Ask her for more information

Poi may be circles but what pretty circles they may be.

Sorry just like that saying.



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Posted:Hellos smile

I'm off for da US in the morning... so if anyone is around Missouri area... might see you biggrin

best wishes
Clare x

Getting to the other side smile


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