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Forums > Videos > FlameOz @ Glade & BJC 2007

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Posted:Hi there,

I've just uploaded a 30MB video of our Dragons and Tigers club swinging routine performed at the Glade Festival.

It's in the Downloads section of our website - enjoy!


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Posted:Hi Dave,

Check your PM, please.

Happy B day,




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Posted:Happy birthday Dave smile


Getting to the other side smile


Posted:Thanks peeps for the birthday greetz smile

Feedback has been given so I've re-edited slightly and put the video back up as an .mpg file.

Still in the downloads section of our website...

Richee - Cheers for the heads up man, all noted and is being sorted hug




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Posted:Very nice show !
Congrats for your work smile

Have you ever thought of doing it with real drummer ?

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Posted:*phnar phnar* ubblol sorry couldn't resist... (and now that's made 2 replies in a row)

Uh...we'd love to I guess...good taiko drummers are hard to find! Also this is a single routine from our show, whereas the rest of the music isn't drumming (check the other vids). The only live percussion-based band I think we'd consider performing with would be the inimitable Wild Marmalade.




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Posted:or possibly a re-formed weird attractor line up.... you know you would...

Holistic Spinner (I hope)


Posted:eh? speak the Queens English old man...


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Posted:Hey I like that new bendy girl up front... there's an almost subliminal extra wiggle in there that made me smile

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....


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