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Location: Exeter, Devon, UK
Member Since: 16th Dec 2007
Total posts: 22
Posted:Hey i'm new to HOP but im looking for anyone interested in fire spinning to meet up with and do some practice with in exeter UK. would be cool to hear from anyone.

otherwise i'd love for anyone interesting to talk poi with. thanks all.

My invisible alligator thinks you look tasty


Member Since: 17th Jul 2007
Total posts: 3
Posted:Hey there - i'm a student at uni in ex. email address is dt_2002dk[at]hotmail.com

obv. the [at] is really an @ but don't want to get auto-spammed to death.

email me if you ever check this again, would be cool to go for a spin now its (finally) warming up.

Location: bournemouth/dorset/uk
Member Since: 30th Nov 2004
Total posts: 242
Posted:Hi there,
dorset has a big scene come the summer, also you may find this of some interest;