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Posted:i am a side show freak and i have been touring with side shows and circuses in america for 7 years but i am cumeing back to scotland and want to do street i need a licence or can i just set up anywhare??? can anyone help coz i will be back in scotland v.soon

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Posted:princess street, rose street and the royal mile in edinburgh regularly have street performers and beggars, ive never seen the police move them on




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Posted:I'm based in glasgow and do street shows there, you don't need a license or anything, just make sure you've got a copy of your insurance with you if your doing fire. Edinburgh I think you may need a license nowadays.
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Posted:You don't need a buskers license for performing, however if you want to busk at the fringe festival in Edinburgh I think its roughly 20 a week to get a spot on the mile.

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