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Posted:OK i'm sorry if this is a bit...antifestive.

I've been at odds my whole life with my surrogate father over something as trivial as the existence of god. He's suffered from some serious illnesses in the last year, and no-one expected him to...survive this long.

In a wierd moment, I kind of found myself being grateful to 'his' god this evening, for letting me see him again (he came to visit me from lands a-yonder). Does this suggest I belive in his god or just that I support his ideals? Sorry if this is a bit wierd and vague, but I'm a little drunk and it kind of caught me off guard.

Or anyone else with similar circs.

hug Happy holidays hug

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Posted:I dont think its unusual to turn to something when you been given a bit longer with someone you care about. I believe you believe in what "you" want to believe and in a moment you just titled it by what your dad believes. Could be because you were partially raised by him. Its not a big deal, its not a bad thing and it doesnt mean you need to forget what you believe. Your only human smile

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