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Arabella Churchill was very well known to many on this site as the organiser of the theatre and circus fields at Glastonbury Festival.

In truth, Arabella is one of the main reasons that Glastonbury exists - she kept it afloat in early years, provided land to hold the festival on, and invigorated the arts scene by booking acts that no-one else would! She is responsible for making it what it is today.

Married to a juggling legend (i feel honour bound to change that to leg-end) Haggis Mcleod, Arabella was a strong woman with no time for people who took the piss. She will remain in our memories for ever.

thanks for the good times smile

RIP Arabella Churchill

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Posted:that is sad news.. she was very very nice and extreamly efficient when I spoke to her a few years ago.. frown I only had breif email exchanges with her, but her name has stayed in my head because of how she well she did the job she loved..

thoughts to those who were fortunate to know her better than I did. at this sad time.

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:My thoughts go out to Haggis and the rest of her family.

She will be greatly missed.


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